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  • Managing Motherhood

    Evidence-based coping skills for motherhood challenges
    • Series of ELEVEN bite-sized videos
    • Coping skills for managing unhelpful thoughts & behaviours
    • Reduce overwhelm, guilt & irritability
    • Resist the urge to be overprotective
    • Reduce self-doubt & increase confidence
    • Gain a life balance
    • Navigate lack of support & conflicting advice
    • Understand when & how to get extra mental health support
    • Reduce return to work anxiety
    • 13-page practical WORKBOOK
  • Managing Uncertainty

    Evidence-based coping skills for anxiety and worry
    • 52min video
    • PDF slides
  • Managing Fatigue

    52min masterclass video
    • Understand fatigue & it's cognitive effects
    • Challenge unhelpful thoughts related to fatigue
    • Develop helpful behaviours to manage fatigue
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