Managing Fatigue
MASTERCLASS VIDEO 52 mins duration
  • Understand the nature of fatigue & how it affects your cognitive functioning
  • Learn coping strategies for managing fatigue including tips for activity scheduling
  • Challenge unhelpful thinking patterns that perpetuate the distress & frustration associated with fatigue 
What others are saying:

"Anyone that suffers from chronic fatigue (or if you have a loved one who does), this is super helpful."

"Loved it... Thanks so much Sarah for sharing your own personal experiences with chronic fatigue and your journey. As a sufferer of this extremely isolating and invisible illness for years I have found it exhausting in itself to get friends and family to understand me. You’re explanations on what it’s like living with chronic fatigue are spot on. Brought me to tears. I am tired of burning myself out for the fear of judgment. You have given me permission to rest, without the guilt"
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Managing Modern Motherhood
Masterclass Series

Modern Motherhood series.png

Available now in 2 options:
1) Full series ($47) or
2) Individual topics ($10 each)

ELEVEN bite-sized video lessons available
Practical, evidence-based coping strategies for managing the challenges of motherhood. These strategies will empower you to take charge and reduce your overwhelm, guilt and stress.
Coping techniques are drawn from:
  • the latest clinical psychology and neuropsychological research
  • my clinical experience in private practice
  • personal experiences as a mum of three kids including twins
Suitable for busy mums with babies & children of any age. This includes those in the maternal perinatal period (antenatal & postnatal phases).
Learn to manage specific difficult challenges in motherhood including topics on:

  • Navigating the 'mother role'​ (9min video)
  • Self-doubt and anxiety* (31min video)
  • Irritability* (28min video)
  • Mum guilt* (17min video)
  • Overprotective parenting* (29min video)
  • Achieving a life balance without excessive overwhelm* (22min video)
  • Overcoming the lack of social support* (22min video)
  • Return to work* (26min video) -NEW!
  • Navigating conflicting advice (7min video)
  • Understanding when anxiety & depression are at clinical levels and warrant professional help (11min video)
  • Navigating limited mental health education & services (7min video)
*Individual video can be purchased separately
If you subscribe to the full series, there is over 3 hours total of valuable effective cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques for you to watch at your convenience*.
Free practical 13-page PDF WORKBOOK to help with the practical application of coping skills directly and efficiently into your life. This workbook will be emailed to you after you subscribe to the full series.
*For individuals only - groups / organisations can email me to arrange.

What others are saying:


"Just started the course last night and sharing your post with all my Mum friends because the course is amazing"

"It's refreshing to have evidence-based content about how to deal with the anxiety and overwhelm that often comes with being a mum. And from someone who's been there, knows her stuff, and supports you every step of the way"

"Thanks for making this course so affordable. Dived straight into it and I am loving the way you present it. Couldn't wait to start the Mum Guilt video and took so much away from it. Easing this overthinking Mumma's heart one video at a time. Thanks again for making this accessible for lots of Mums"

"I'm really enjoying the videos I've watched so far and looking forward to making my way through the rest of them (& workbook)"

"I purchased this today and have completed the irritability and guilt videos... I learnt a lot. Thank you so much for having such an accessible form of therapy / self-help for mothers" (psychologist)

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Worth value of over $1800 (incl. clinical psychology sessions + workbook)

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    • Self-doubt
    • Irritability
    • Mum guilt
    • Overprotective 
    • Life balance
    • Lack of social support
    • Return to work (NEW!)
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Managing Uncertainty
52mins duration
  • Understand why you crave certainty
  • Understand how 'intolerance of uncertainty' drives most forms of anxiety, worry and depression
  • Learn evidence-based, helpful methods for managing uncertainty and negative predictions about the future

What others are saying:


"I really enjoyed your ['Coping Skills for Managing Uncertainty'] Masterclass. I have shared the link for others to purchase the Masterclass with teachers and learning assistants at my school. Thank you for providing this resource. So timely." (Teacher)

"What a wonderful resource Sarah - so much information and super helpful tips that I will use myself and with my clients" (Clinical Psychologist)

"Jumped into this boots & all today - it was brilliant.

Packed full of information in a clear, concise way, and it's so aesthetically pleasing!"

"Timely and an excellent source of info and strategies."

"I am so grateful for your wisdom."

Only $17

(Special price - reduced from $47 & valued at $210)

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