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Strength-Spotting with your Children
This NEW 43min webinar will cover evidence-based techniques to: 
- Understand your emotions during parenting
- Understand your child's emotions
- Understand your desire to control their behaviour
- Identify unhelpful thinking habits incl. negativity bias
- Create alternative phrases to labelling your child by
recognising their strengths

"Just watched Sarah’s video on “Strength spotting for your children”.
This really resonated with me and was so helpful to validate some of the feelings that I’ve been having about my children and their behaviour.
Lots of really helpful information/ strategies to use to help with building your child’s self-esteem and being more mindful. Can’t wait to use them!!! Thanks Sarah ⭐️"
Only $10*

(Special price - valued at $210) 

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*Please excuse the sound volume changes throughout the webinar and adjust as you go. Technology! Thanks.
Strength-Spotting with your Children

Strength-Spotting with your Children

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