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"Sarah is a highly skilled professional psychologist. I highly recommend her services to other mothers wanting to feel happier, healthier and more peaceful in their parenting, relationships and life"

"Sarah is an excellent clinical psychologist. She has the uncanny ability to get to the root of the issue and provides simple yet powerful tools to help you cope and even thrive. Sarah consistently goes out of her way to make time and effort for her patients, I especially appreciate this since she was the only one who agreed to Skype sessions as I live in completely opposite time zone! She regularly checks in to see how I'm doing and working with Sarah (and it really feels like working together!) has really helped me to regain my confidence, stay strong in trying situations and be in control when I feel like things are getting of hand. I would highly recommend her for her clinical skills as well as her compassionate nature."

"I went to see Sarah when my baby was 3 months old and my son aged 3. I see myself as quite high functioning in all areas of my life and after having children I felt that I wasn't able to "achieve" the way that I felt I should and was feeling overwhelmed and not in control of my situation. Sarah taught me strategies to put in place to help me manage my emotions and feelings and how I perceive myself. It's now been nearly 6 months since I have completed my sessions with Sarah and I still utilise her strategies every day. What I also found really helpful was learning that there are many mums who feel exactly the way that I did, we are not alone in this life changing experience and talking about our struggles helps not only ourselves but other mums as well."

"Can highly recommend Sarah's services!! The ability to have sessions via Skype was awesome, as being a working mum it's so hard to find the time. She was super professional, helpful and supportive when I was feeling overwhelmed with life, giving me some great tips and tools xx Thanks xx"

"Sarah helped me come out from a really dark place by giving me, and helping me to use, the tools I needed to help myself. I gave therapy a go as a last resort despite being very sceptical that it could work. But it's the best thing I've ever done for myself. Thanks Sarah for helping me through this."

"Sarah is a hugely skilled, empathetic, very wise and compassionate psychologist. She provided me with some much-needed help and support as I struggled to juggle motherhood with other calls on my time. Her guidance assisted me as I established some new habits and approaches to make my life better, and I couldn't be more thankful."

"Sarah has really helped me to understand and rationalise my anxiety issues in a kind, caring and compassionate way. She really listened to my fears and understood exactly what I was going through which helped me to feel that I was not so alone, and that I could manage my bad days confidently with the right tools. Being a busy business owner the ability to have sessions over Skype were awesome. I can highly recommend Sarah and her expertise to anyone looking for professional help and support. Thanks Sarah."

"I highly recommend Sarah’s services. Sarah has given me the tools and strategies to rationalise and overcome anxiety and OCD disorder. As a university student, I found it very hard to reach out to get help, before seeing Sarah, as I felt embarrassed to talk about what was going on. But Sarah was very understanding and reassured me that what I was feeling was not uncommon. I felt I had a lot of support from Sarah and we worked as a team to overcome these together. I am very thankful for Sarah’s help and support and the progress I have made. "

I found the transition to parenting a newborn baby much harder than I expected. After trying to 'push through it', I got in touch with Sarah. The skype sessions were super convenient, and I found Sarah's friendly and accepting style really easy to open up to. She has a very practical approach which was great to feel like I was walking away with tools to try out. Thanks Sarah

"Sarah proved to be an excellent, patient and compassionate advisor for my teenage daughter. Like many teenagers these days, my daughter was experiencing anxiety attacks. Sarah listed and guided her by offering her effective tools to deal with these attacks. She made sure she understood she was not doing anything wrong and that things would improve. She gave her the confidence to deal with these situations while remaining true to herself."

"I work with families with young babies and toddlers, Sarah provided a great professional development training session. It was very informative and gave me the tools to be able to help and understand the families we work with."

"I can’t thank you enough for all your support and expertise over the last year.

I didn’t think I would be at this point of feeling good and even feeling like I can manage living overseas so soon! Your strategies, as well as helping me understand what’s been going on in my brain and body, have been life changing."

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