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Managing Fatigue
MASTERCLASS VIDEO 52 mins duration
  • Understand the nature of fatigue & how it affects your cognitive functioning
  • Learn coping strategies for managing fatigue including tips for activity scheduling
  • Challenge unhelpful thinking patterns that perpetuate the distress & frustration associated with fatigue 
What others are saying:

"Anyone that suffers from chronic fatigue (or if you have a loved one who does), this is super helpful."

"Loved it... Thanks so much Sarah for sharing your own personal experiences with chronic fatigue and your journey. As a sufferer of this extremely isolating and invisible illness for years I have found it exhausting in itself to get friends and family to understand me. You’re explanations on what it’s like living with chronic fatigue are spot on. Brought me to tears. I am tired of burning myself out for the fear of judgment. You have given me permission to rest, without the guilt"
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Managing Fatigue

Managing Fatigue

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