'My Coping Skills Journal'


This beautifully illustrated A5 journal includes bite-sized evidence-based (CBT and DBT) tools and worksheets to proactively reduce stress and improve your mental well-being. This is suitable for anyone but is especially designed for adults (young adults included).

Written & designed by: Dr Sarah Bell-Booth

Illustrator: Jay Allen

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  • Treasures magazine

  • The Spinoff

  • Baby Sleep Consultant

  • Toddler Talk NZ

  • Looloo

  • Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Aotearoa (PADA)

'Mind Magic: Coping Tricks for Young People'


This is a beautifully illustrated, comprehensive, evidence-based

mental health book for young people. It proactively teaches CBT coping strategies for managing big emotions such as anxiety and sadness. Each section is engaging with rhymes, simple explanations and  interactive questions which helps learning. Mind Magic can be used as an educational tool for parents, teachers and mental health professionals. Free PDF worksheets (link below) are also available for individuals and groups / classrooms of young people so they can apply the coping strategies to their lives. ALL parents and kids can benefit from learning the coping strategies in Mind Magic. It is especially suitable for kids aged 7-14+ years who can read it independently but it can also be used for younger children with guidance for the more abstracts concepts such as thoughts.

Can be sold as a set with 'Brave Book'.

Author: Dr Sarah Bell-Booth

Illustrator & Designer: Jay Allen

'Brave Book'


This A5 journal is a workbook for young people to record their brave moments. It is a wonderful way to apply the CBT coping tricks learnt in the original 'Mind Magic' book to build confidence and reduce anxiety. Beautifully illustrated by talented local artist, Jay Allen. 

Can be sold as a set with 'Mind Magic'

Written & designed by: Dr Sarah Bell-Booth

Illustrator: Jay Allen

Co-author in 'Are you OK... Really?'

A perinatal mental health book by PADA for health professionals.

My chapter is on 'Cognitive Behavioural Therapy' (CBT)


Dr Sarah Bell-Booth

Clinical Psychologist


Auckland, New Zealand

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© 2020 by Dr Sarah Bell-Booth. Illustrations by Jay Allen