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Author: Dr Sarah Bell-Booth, Clinical Psychologist

Illustrator: Jay Allen


The climbing leopard analogy in this beautifully illustrated book can be used to encourage children to build confidence and overcome any of their specific fears. For example, your child may want to try riding a bike, patting their friend’s dog or starting a new school.


Specifically, Luca Leopard uses a new calming trick on each branch climbing up the tree. These tricks include seeking support, believing in yourself, slow breathing, mindfulness, resting when you're tired, and celebrating each small step. Adults can also ask their children questions from the back of this book to help further. 


Most likely suitable for children 4-8 years old - although some say, even older too.


Picture book specs:

Soft cover 

28 pages

8.5inch x 11 inch 

Printed locally in New Zealand

Luca the Brave Leopard

$25.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
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