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The main focus of this journal is to regularly reflect on your well-being and make small yet effective steps to improve it. It helps with the practical application of coping skills learned in the original journal, 'My Coping Skills Journal'.


Specifically, each 'Daily Reflection' page includes space for:

1. tracking your emotions across time and triggers

2. venting about daily challenges, concerns and frustrations

3. reflecting on which coping skills were used to get through the day

4. identifying three of the best things that happened that day

5. planning which coping skills can be used in future challenges 


These processes are evidence-based and therapeutic. There are also bonus well-researched cognitive-behavioural techniques scattered throughout the journal. Using this Reflect Journal will keep you accountable to enhancing your mental health - something that is essential in this fast-paced modern life.

Written & designed by Dr Sarah Bell-Booth

Ilustrated by Jay Allen


Comes with free matching bookmark.

Reflect Journal

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$32.00Sale Price
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