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Set of ALL FIVE children's books to build your child's (or student's) confidence and manage big emotions:


1) MIND MAGIC: collection of evidence-based coping strategies

2) BRAVE BOOK:  journal to record brave moments

3) THE BRAIN TRAIN: helps kids to identify & challenge thinking habits

4) LUCA THE BRAVE LEOPARD -  picture book. Luca Leopard practices a new coping trick on each branch while climbing a tree for the first time. This book helps children with bravery when trying new things.

5) BEE YOURSELF: picture book about a special bee called Ruby, who is learning not to compare herself with other insects. Instead, she is encouraged to recognise and celebrate her own strengths. Children reading this book will playfully rehearse the phrase “Just BEE yourself!”, so they too feel more confident.


1) Mind Magic 2) Bee Yourself 3) Luca the Brave Leopard 4) The Brain Train 5) Brave Book (journal) These teach children evidence-based coping skills for managing big emotions such as anxiety and low mood. These will help build resilience, self-belief, and bravery. Essential for mental health in childhood and going forward into adolescence and adulthood. Valuable for family, educational and mental health/therapy settings.


All beautifully illustrated by Jay Allen and printed locally.

Children's Well-Being Set (5 books)

$125.00 Regular Price
$105.00Sale Price
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