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Setting New Year's Goals ... & Sticking to Them

🔹Make a PRIORITY list that reflects your important VALUES e.g., family, mental health, work...

🔸Choose SPECIFIC goals. As specific as possible. Visualise them so you know you're on track. e.g., rather than 'more quality time with kids', instead aim to 'spend 20mins both morning and night playing with kids without technology (ideas - build blocks, read book, kick a ball, dance off)'

🔹Don't forget to consider these essential SELF-CARE tools in your list of goals: - Sleep - Exercise - Nutrition These will reduce stress & increase energy to achieve your other goals.

🔸After writing your list of goals, check; Are they REALISTIC & attainable? Unfortunately the new year will not magically give you more time & superpower energy, so you must rejig your commitments to get a balance.

🔹To boost your motivation, write down the BENEFITS of achieving each goal. e.g., starting bedtime routine at 9pm will lead to book time rather than mindless screen escape, increased contentment rather than irritability in the morning, more energy for exercise, parenting and/or work projects.

🔸REMIND, remind, remind yourself! Set phone reminders of scheduled time slots to work on goals, just as you would do for important work meetings. Use visual cues like sticking up post-it notes & motivating pictures e.g., photo of graduation ceremony/running event poster/relaxing destinations you will visit for a reward even if local beach or massage spa.

🔹How often will you MONITOR your achievements? Daily / weekly check-in sessions paired with a treat? e.g., sitting down every Sunday morning for 5mins with a hot drink to consider your progress.

🔸What OBSTACLES do you need to prepare for? e.g., sickness, moving house, bad weather. Be flexible. Give yourself permission to readjust your goals during these difficult times. Watch out for "all-or-nothing" thinking patterns which may entice you to quit if you relapse/miss a few days.

🔹What REWARDS will you gain for both making progress as well as fully achieving your end goal? Get creative & mix it up for positive reinforcement (e.g., yummy smoothie, new magazine, paddle-boarding lesson with friends,...). Plan events to celebrate big goals.

🔸Are you INTRINSICALLY motivated or do you need external encouragement / pressure? Keep others in the loop so they can SUPPORT you or even coach you along ... and you can help them achieve their goals in return.

Best wishes for a great new year!!

Sarah x

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