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A life without fear or self-doubt

Ponder this: WHAT would you do differently in your life if you had no fear or self doubt? What if you knew (and accepted) that you’d make mistakes and that things won’t go perfectly smoothly all the time ... but you would be okay. And not just okay, but rather you would feel more fulfilled for jumping into the process of trying, learning and expanding yourself. Wow - how amazing would that be!

Specifically, HOW would your life look different without fear & self-doubt holding you back?

• Would your job be different?

• Would your family life be any different?

• Would you travel more or live somewhere else?

• Would you have different hobbies like something more adventurous?

• Would you follow through with unique or creative ideas like house DIY, art, writing or some entrepreneurial concept?

• Would you do things differently just because you wouldn’t care how others perceived you?

Now think - WHY are you not making changes?

Is your level of fear or self-doubt reasonable?

Who’s holding you back?

Is it logistically impossible (eg. financially) to carry out your ideas?

Or are you just using them as convenient excuses to stay comfortable?

After this reflection, you may not make any radical changes ... but how about something small? Small steps still count One step at a time can lead somewhere different and more fulfilling. Opposite action may be required - just do it because you know deep down that it’s good for you

Personally, I’ve been out of my comfort zone so much in recent years. Part of it has being forced upon me but other changes have been choices Travelling a little with kids, jumping off a cliff into dark waters, starting my private practice, writing books, agreeing to be a guest writer and to be interviewed on tv, asking for help for myself + kids, changing my kid’s school, advocating for them, taking immunosuppressant meds despite being scared of side effects on my brain, and swimming with sharks soon This is not a brag list of achievements to impress others. I am just proud for myself as they were not easy. They triggered all sorts of fears but I used opposite action and they were worth it. Accepting the emotions and rolling with it works. Perfectly imperfect action

So much pondering. Talk with those around you, go for a walk in nature or just write in a journal to contemplate & work through this stuff. and have fun pretend-redesigning your life that aligns with your values.

Psychology isn’t just about eliminating the negative. It’s not just reducing symptoms of mental illness. It’s also about enhancing well-being, flourishing, and thriving not just surviving. Enjoy.

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